5 Ways To Care For Your Cuticles

Cuticle is the piece of skin immediately around the finger nail. Cuticles protect the nail by sealing off the opening between nail and skin. The care of nails also include the proper care of cuticles. If you don’t care of your cuticle, then they are prone to hangnails and dryness. Dry cuticles may lead to hang nails and over long nails are the main causes of nail growth.

The proper care of cuticle also contribute to nail health and a neat appearance. Badly cut cuticles are the cause of infections. To take proper care of your cuticles and to keep your entire fingertips healthy try following tips. I must recommend you five easiest ways to care for your cuticles.

1. Donot cut cuticles.

Cuticles play important role in the protection of roots of your nails form the invasion of harmful bacteria.If you cut your cuticles or cut them poorly, then you would not be able to protect your nails. You should put your cuticles back with the help of a non metal tool which is called ad orange stick. You must apply cuticles soften products before putting back the cuticles. Gently push back the cuticles, being careful not to damage them.

2. Donot push back dry cuticles.

While putting your cuticles back, do remember that cuticles should not be dry. Putting back the dry cuticles is very painful and lead to teats and damage. Always push your cuticles back right after taking a bath or soak your finger tips in warm water for a short time. You can also use cuticle softener too as I mentioned above. Remove dead cuticle skin with orange stick and also remove whitish residue from the nails as well. Repeat this process on each nail to have beautiful hands.

3. Use moisturizer.

Like your other body parts, cuticles also require hydration. Cuticles are always dried after working in water. Cuticles are more exposed to different types of chemicals when you work without wearing gloves. You must use a good quality moisturizer to keep your cuticles and hands save from dryness. Nail aid’s cuticle cure is best solution to protect your cuticles.

Such products are easily available in market. Cuticles are delicate skin on your hands that need moisturizer. Preferably, cuticle moisturizer must contain vitamin E and almond oil. Moisturize your hands immediately after doing work in water and always use a moisturizing nail polish remover. Keep a moisturizer with you to use it several times in a day.

4. Cut hangnails.

It is not good to cut your cuticles but you can cut your hangnails. Use a sharp cuticle clipper to trim hangnails. But you must be careful while trimming hangnails because you are trying to avoid causing infection. And do not over groom your cuticles as it may lead to damage your cuticles and lead to over growth.

5. Proper diet.

Poor cuticles reflect poor health. Eat a healthy diet to improve the health of cuticles. The food that is rich in vitamins is very good for cuticles. Eat the food that is high in vitamins and be sure to tale proper amount of zinc and calcium. You should also add protein in your diet to have healthy cuticles.

Nail start in the nail root that is hidden under cuticle. So take care of your cuticle to strengthen your nails. Follow the tips and have strong and healthy cuticles.

Eat proper and use precautionary measures while taking care of your cuticles. Here are five ways to care for your cuticles. Follow these tips to keep your fingernails healthy and neat.

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