5 Steps for Looking Flawless this Eid

Skin care is very important and to look flawless you need to do a lot of effort on your skin. As you need food to survive, our skin also needs the food to survive. Eid is one of the festive occasions when you have to meet all your family and friends, so every woman wants to have flawless, perfect skin. Skin care is very easy but you have to follow a regular routine so that you can get the desire results. Flawless skin needs a lot of care and maintenance. 

There are many ways by which you can take care of your skin but here we will talk about 5 easy steps, by following those you can feel the difference. 

Moisturize Well:

Every woman wants perfect and well maintained skin. It is the dream of every one to have baby skin, that skin which has no breakouts and which is totally free of patches. For all these you need to have a good moisturizer. Moisturizer hydrates your skin in an amazing way.

Moisturize your skin

You have to use the moisturizer according to your skin type, for oily skin you must have oil free moisturizer and for dry skin you need to have moisturizer with active ingredients glycerin in it. 

Good Sunscreen:

Good Sun Screen

You need to have a sunscreen no matter your skin is oily, dry or bad. Every woman must apply sun screen if they are going out in sun. The sunscreen do magic to your skin, it protect your skin from the harmful rays of sunlight. You need to make a routine that when you come out of shower apply the sun screen. Sun screen must be applied to every part of the face which is been exposed to the sun light such as neck, ears, backs and even hands. 

Healthy Eating and Water Intake:

Healthy eating and water intake

Eid is the time when flawless skin is must for this purpose you have to drink a lot of water and juices. Al least drink 10 15 glass of water in a day. Water flushes out all the harmful toxins from the body. Eat lots of vegetables and even fresh fruits. Green vegetables are really vital for good skin. 

Get Wrinkle and Dark Circle Free Skin:

Winkles are one of the major skin problems and the issue that they don’t go away with creams. The major causes of wrinkle are lack of sleep and aging process. Don’t go for creams which are for anti aging the best thing is to apply sunscreen, this way you are protecting your skin.

wrinkle and dark circle free skin

Wrinkles are a major problem of every woman, you all need to have a good night cream or heavy moisturizer which can fade these wrinkles. Regularly use these cream they will make a huge difference. 

Eyes are the major part of your face and through your eyes you look old and young. Get a good eye cream or eye gel that can brighten up your dull area and make you look young. You can also use a good councilor to hide your dark circles. Spread it around your eyes and then merge it in the skin with the help of fingers or brush. 

Skin Care:

Skin care

Regular skin care is very important. In skin care you need to cleanse your skin. You can use cleansing milks and use them twice a day. Then use toner which suits your skin, you can take tea tree oil toners or vitamin E toners. Tone your skin with cotton. Some woman skin is oily so use sheets which absorbs the oil. Than do your regular makeup, flawless will always demand less makeup.

You need to enhance your features by doing makeup. Skin care demands hands off from face, this is a golden rule. Remember to get a good make up remover and don’t sleep without removing makeup. Avoid smoking and a very important thing is sleep well and take proper sleep. 

Skin is the blessing from God and flawless skin is the biggest blessing. Eid is an event on which woman wants to look their best so these tips are very simple and easy, if you start following them from now you will have flawless skin by Eid.

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