5 Simple Homemade Anti-acne Facial Masks

Leave everything behind and make a mask to rid yourself of the oily skin causing pimples and zits to break out on your face. Sit at home, mix a few things up and cure your oily texture and the pimples.

Egg Mask:

natural face mask

You can apply egg white on the entire face. Egg white has very good qualities when it comes to the skin and acne. Apply it in generous amount one a week and let it sit and dry on the skin. Once done it can be rinsed off. The application of this mask helps clear out the skin and also reduce acne. It is a true and effective anti-acne mask.

Fruit Mask:

healthy face mask

Masks made of fruits also have a very positive effect on acne affected skin, masks made of fruit can be made of apple, tomato, watermelon, strawberry, egg, grapefruit, orange, banana, garlic and even lemon. All these fruits can be mixed with either rose water or yogurt and applied on the face. This mask is to be left on the face for 10-15 minutes till it dries down and then rinsed either with icy cold water or warm water. This results in skin clearance and avoidance of acne creation on the face.

Avocado Mask:

Avocado mask Images

The mixture of half an avocado, honey and yogurt should be applied generously on the face. It’s a lumpy mask that is to be then applied on the face and left on for approximately an hour. After which the mask is removed with sponges or a wet towel. The skin is left cleared and moisturized and has a natural and radiant glow to it. This can be done every now and then to maintain the clearance.

Honey Mask:

honey facial mask

There can be many kinds of honey masks; it can either be mixed with cinnamon, with aloe vera, lemon juice, and as mentioned above with avocado. Honey has properties of its own but when mixed with the elements mentioned above and applied on the face for 20 odd minutes, it can do wonders to the scarring and leave a healthy looking face behind.

Yogurt and Oatmeal Mask:

Yogurt and oatmeal Facial mask

Lastly, you can always try the traditional yogurt and oatmeal mask. Mix the two together and leave it on your face till the mask dries and cracks. Once it does you can rinse it with cold water. This can be done so every once a week or once a month. It will leave your skin nourished and looking radiant.

Leave everything behind and make a mask to rid yourself of the oily skin causing pimples and zits to break out on your face.

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