5 Reasons Why We Love Nail Art

Pakistani women, be it a sophisticated business women or a house wife, absolutely adore pampering themselves all year around. And, the most basic ways to adore themselves is getting a manicure and pedicure regularly to keep your hands and feet as good as new born baby’s.

Of course any manicure or pedicure is rather incomplete without the application of the nail color that adds a touch of delicacy and the "cherry on top" for its finishing.

Nails, if made properly, can add to your beauty in the most unimaginable ways you can think of. These days creative nail art has caught the heart of many and is spreading all over the globe like wildfire. Here are a few good reasons why we love nail art:

1. It’s the most fun thing to do whether you’re trying to kill time or not. What other reason could you need and what could bring out the best of your creative side other than designing your nails? Creating a variety of different designs with so much material to choose from gives your nails the most polished look you could ever imagine. All the celebrities love nail art so why don’t you give it a go?

2. It’s a skill possessed only by a few "blessed" ones. Believe it or not, but not everyone can be as perfect and neat as some skilled people who have quite a lot of practice at this creativity.  If you’re looking to go to a cosmetology school or applying for a cosmetics related job be sure to inform them about your love for nail art.

3. It aids in taking mind off stress related issues and makes you feel like you’re devoting more time to yourself. The relaxation and tranquility that prevails after giving yourself some bountiful time in designing those pretty nails will give you the most content feeling. Science has proven that creativity reduces stress levels.

Needlepoint nail art, gold plated designs, latest fashion prints designs even the designing of famous brand logos on your nails – literally anything is possible! It adds to a woman’s morale when she is dressed up during the day and triggers the feel good factor enabling her to go about her day with much more positivity than ever.

4. Creative nail art can spark conversation such that if you’re sitting at some place new and do not know anybody around many of the times (trust us on this one) girls will come up to you and ask about those trendy nails and the "how do you do it"s will spark up all the conversation you could ever think of.  It’s definitely an instant best friend maker for a few who love nail art.

5. It’s a form of art! All the more reason to release your inner artist. Have you ever thought about getting into the art field and never believed you had that artist in you? Well, then nail art is one of those activities where you can do almost anything you want with your nails and not be afraid to flaunt it around. Let your imagination go wild and use as many colors as possible and feel the love for this art as it works wonders.

One of the cosmetic trends that has been thriving for success for quite some time now and has successfully been able to do so is nail art. Whatever the trend, we're still in love with nail art just as much as you are; here are a few good reasons why.

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