5 Reasons to Have Long Nails

Nails are an important part of the body. Although they are not of vital importance in the body, however, they can be of many uses. They sometimes even depict the health condition of the body as well. Like everything else; nails also have their advantages and drawbacks. They need to be taken a lot of care and their cleanliness plays a vital role in the personal hygienic condition of the body.

Although, having long nails or wearing nail extensions is not considered to be a good attribute in the sophisticated circles; but they too, have their own benefits. Let’s take a look at the 5 top most benefits of the long nails.

  • Low maintenance

It is believed that the long nails need more maintenance than the short ones, but it is actually the other way around. Long nails need less maintenance than the short nails. In fact, if you have strong nails, you can actually grow them to a certain length without them being de-shaped. Long nails do not need that frequent filing as the short nails. Moreover, you don’t have to cut them as frequent also, which actually saves you a lot of time and hassle.

  • Nail art

If you have long nails, then you can enjoy a lot of nail painting options. You can either go for simple plain colored nail polish, or you have a huge variety of nail painting art for your long nails. You can play with different floral patterns and dotted designs. You can make your own patterns and choose your own colors. Your long nails will just look beautiful and attract the attention of everyone that you meet.

  • Coercion factor

This is a huge benefit that people with short nails can never have. There are times when you get stuck in a situation where you want to defend yourself or want someone not to mess with you; long nails are the immediate weapon that you have in such situations. This doesn’t mean that you are getting violent for no reason, but it actually is a positive thing to get yourself protected anytime, anytime.

  • Nails as a tool

What if you need to open a cane and you can’t find a knife?! You guessed that right; use your long nails. There are many other things that you can use your nails with. You can slice a tape; flip a hot toast and much more. You just have to make sure that the nails are clean and are not chipped.

  • Attract the praise

The first thing that people notice when they see someone is her long beautiful nails; and the sudden reaction is; “Are they real”? Long nails with beautiful art work on them attract the attention of the people instantly and make them praise your nails and just fall in love with them.

Long nails maintained properly get the attraction and praise instantly. Moreover, they are of a lot more uses in your daily life.

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