5 Nail Polish Designs for Wedding Season

Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding as it is undoubtedly the most important event in their lives. You plane everything to be perfect from decoration, food, venue to the smallest thing, your jewelry, dress, makeup almost everything from head to toe.

Not only the groom but every single person present in that event notices every bit of you, be it a single strand of your hair, you are under the spot light, but most girls forget to get her nails done while preparing for their wedding or even if they are going to a wedding as they place it at the end of the list to do things or in some cases it doesn’t even exist. Let us enlighten you about it, nail art has become the most essential part of one’s entire look.

Without proper nail art your dressing is incomplete so it is time you learn about the right kind of nail polish designs for this wedding season. Just like the designs for shoes and dresses change, likewise nail polish designs also change with seasons. Here is a guide to the most amazing and alluring 5 nail polish designs for you to follow this wedding season. Have a look, we are sure this will astonish you.

Here are a few designs that girls should definitely try for a wedding, especially if it’s their own wedding. A brides needs to get all set from head to toe so, why not the nails.

1. Designer Nails Designs

nail polish designs

Now there are specialist designers that take care of your nails especially. Being a bride you can risk it so try reaching out to a professional. Designers help your nails get a specific look for you wedding day according to your theme of the wedding. You can go for simple, decent and classy nail designs like floral designs or white tips with few addition of diamantes.

You can also use varnish pink as a base for your nail art design and then using your imagination, you can color the flowers with the colors that goes with your wedding gown. You can also use the patterns from your dress to design your nails instead of the floral pattern.

2. Bows, Beads and Chains Design

nail designs

Weddings are all about sparkling thing so why not make your nails sparkle. You can add beads, stones and bows to your nails to get perfect nails for the wedding day. This will not only enhance the look of your hands but will also add glamour to your entire outlook. There is a wide range of accessories available like chains etc. to make your nails look beautiful according to the theme of your dress.

3. Glittery Nail Art


Nail polish with glitter and stars is the type of nail polish design that never gets old. This design is simple and easy yet classy. You can easily manage it without making a lot of effort. It is good for both day time and night time weddings.

4. Dotted French Manicure


Dotted French manicure design is an amazing design for you this wedding season if you wish to stay simple yet classy. You can also carry this nail design with your daily outfit after the wedding is over.

5. Lace Your Nail

nails design

Laced nail polish design is quite in these days especially for the weddings. This is a very unique design for the wedding events. You can chose the color of lace that goes with the color of your dress.

So now you can beautify your nails as well, as this guide brings you the most stunning wedding nail art designs that will not only make your hands and nails look exquisitely pretty but classy as well.

We hope that this information was of great help for you and helped you in deciding the right type of nail polish design this wedding season. Above mentioned were the latest and top 5 Nail Polish designs listed down exclusively for you.

Nail polishes is one of the most important item that is needed, while getting ready. Here are epic nail polish designs.

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