4 Quick Makeup Tips To Make You Look Gorgeous In 5 Flat Minutes

You set your alarm to wake you up at sharp 6 am and when the alarm buzzes, you are quick to hit the snooze button. Then, when you finally realize that it is actually very late, you get out of bed shouting at the top of your voice,

How am I supposed to get ready in 5 minutes?

Well, there is no denying that you need to set your routine but let me outline a few quick tips that will finish your makeup in 5 flat minutes and make you ready to go. What are these? Let us find out.

1. You have dark circles and you want to hide them?

Okay get set go! Dark circles are a result of getting insufficient sleep. If you have dark circles because of any reason and you want to appear fresh, more awake and bright, grab a concealer and dab it smoothly over the circles. Apply a moisturizer first and be gentle as you do so.

2. Want the natural blush on your cheeks? But how?

We often see the chic girls with a lot of pink blush on their face and we end up envying them secretly. Girls, relax, it is just makeup and you too can appear all lovely-blushy too! Get a pink or peach blush or a bronzer and highlight your cheekbones with a brush. Do not forget to add a touch of blush on your nose and chin to give an even look. One very important tip is to avoid excess of blush to appear natural.

3. Want to have bigger eyes?

Let’s accept it that your eyes are the most striking feature of your personality and you should specially put a lot of emphasis to make them look big and bright. Make your eyes stand-out from the rest of your features by highlighting your upper lash with eyeliner. Curl your eyelashes a bit; this will make your eyes look bigger. Now the last step is to dab mascara on your eyelashes.

4. A natural lip gloss to finish your look

Lip gloss will give you the finishing look. This is the last step and pretty easy to apply. You can do it as you are on your way out to your work.

These simple 4 steps will make you leave the house with a dose of self-confidence. Have a nice day.

Some of the most simple and basic tips are although quick to learn, they are easy to overlook. Learning alone does not suffice. The trick is to add these simple changes into your beauty routine to reap the results.

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