4 Great Remedies for Dry Hair

Dry, brittle hair and its maintenance is a cause of worry for many women. Over use of hair styling equipment's, chemical based products, sun damage, faulty eating habits, dehydration, environmental conditions, under active sebaceous glands, and other hormonal deficiencies are common causes for dry, rough and brittle hair.

Have you been searching for effective tips to help you restore the beauty of your dry tresses? Read on to find out the great remedies for dry hair.

1. Hair conditioning with natural oils

Hair conditioning brings to mind the idea of an expensive hair spa treatment or use of a fleet of hair care conditioners which may or may not suit you, given the high percentage of chemicals they contain. We hardly think of home remedies which have been around for a while, and are extremely effective in rejuvenating dry hair. Hair oils with natural ingredients like almond, Indian gooseberry, coconut, and olives, to name a few are good moisturizers for dry hair. Weekly deep scalp oil massages, with warm oil, stimulates the natural oil production of hair, soothes dry scalp, revitalizes the damaged hair shafts and brings natural shine and lustre to hair. You can also apply hair masks made out of eggs, avocado, bananas and curd, among other natural ingredients to reduce hair dryness.

2. Shampoo right and condition well

Over washing your hair tends to strip the natural oils off the scalp. Use a good shampoo with active ingredients every alternate day or even with wider intervals if it really suits you. Ensure proper application and resting of conditioner in hair. Washing off the conditioner too soon, may not fetch desired results. For washing your hair, use a small amount of shampoo, probably the size of a quarter.

3. Limit use of harsh styling equipments and products

Constant use of heating tongs, straighteners, perming and coloring have adverse effects on the well being of your hair. Limit these practices. Ensure adequate conditioning and right techniques before going for the treatments.

4. Be hydrated

Drink an adequate amount of water to keep natural moisture of hair intact. Avoid excessive direct exposure to sun and harsh climates as they disturb your natural hair. Consider consulting a doctor if your dry hair woes persist in spite of proper hair care, over a long period of time. Dry hair may also be a symptom of underlying hormonal imbalances which may require medication.

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