3 Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Teens are in that sensitive age of their life where they undergo a lot of hormonal changes which start to show their affect in the form of zits, pimples, skin damage, puffing and inflammation. While all of the growing children and teens do not ungergo  the abovementioned changes, a healthy number does have to face these problems. So, it is very important to take care of your body. Understand the signs of your body and respond accordingly to save yourself trouble in the long run.

Teenager beauty tips are many but to save you time, I am going to quickly compile a list of 3 beauty tips for teens so that you will get the instant guide you are looking for.

1. Be gentle to your skin:

You are going through the age where you suddenly get in touch with your feminine side and so like grown-up women, you want to experiement with various makeup products. It is in this age when girls get obsessed with skin whitening creams. Be very careful because most of the whitening creams clog your pores which results in the entrapment of dust particles that ultimately lead to sebum and acne production.

Remember what works for your friend may not work for you. Of all the beauty tips for teens, this is the one that requires particular consideration. Apply cosmetics less often and if you must then be careful and buy the products that are hypoallergenic. If the cream or any cosmetic product shows adverse effects like acne and zits etc., immediately quit using it. Use home remedies for fair and flawless skin.

2. Never pop the acne:

This way you will make it multiply. When an acne is popped, the debri, dead bacteria and the pus come out which when get in touch with the other sensitive area of the skin, start flourishing there. As a result, one acne multiplies in many overnight. The scar of the popped acne takes longer to wipe off as well. Drink plenty of water if you have acne and keep your skin washed and dry.

Wear Sunscreening & moisturizers:

This may look like one of those simple teenager beauty tips but it really works. Wear a good sunscreen each time you go out. The sun has harmful rays known as ultraviolet rays which deepen the tan effect by multiplying the melanin pigment of your skin. In order to ensure that you are protecting your smooth complexion and skin from the sun hazards, you must wast your face with an oil-free facewash followed by a layer of fresh sunscreen. At night you should wash your face again and moisturize it with thick cream to give it plenty of moisture and warm effect that it needs in order to stay soft and healthy.

3 simple & handy beauty tips for teens that all of you must know.

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