15 Reasons You Should be Talking about Nails

In our busy daily lives, we almost forget and ignore to take care of our nails. Besides the occasional manicure and pedicure sessions, most of us don’t give caring thought to our nails and take them for granted. People talk about health, physique, fitness, hair and skin, but just ditch nails in their daily care routine. However, caring for nails is far more important than just adorn it with nail paint. There are many important things about nails that you should know and think about. Following are the most important 15 things that you must have knowledge about:

1. Growth of Finger Nails

At an average, finger nails grow up to 3.5 millimeters a month. The growth is just over a tenth of an inch, however, the nails of your dominant hand be likely to grow faster. Toe nails grow less in comparison to hand nails with an average growth of 1.6 millimeters a month.

2. What do White Spots on Nails Indicate?

Have you ever wondered about the appearance of white spots on your nails? As per a common myth, calcium deficiency, followed by zinc deficiency is the main cause of white spots on the nail bed. However, the myth is not certainly true. As a matter of fact, the white spots are usually harmless and common and should not be thought as a sign of specific vitamin deficiency at all.


On the other hand, these white spots can be the signs of trauma to the nail plate i.e. the hard part of the nail or the matrix that is the cuticle under the skin. The white spots are just same as the spots that occurred due to folding a piece of clear plastic. Any kind of pressure and trauma to the nails can be the reason of its occurrence.

3. Nails and Hairs are the Same

Both hair and nail should be handled with care, as they are madeup of keratin. Same foods that are good for your hair are equally good for your nails. A balanced diet with vitamins, antioxidants and proteins is key for healthy hair and nails.

Hairs and nails

4. Growth of Nails vary in Women and Men

Generally, men’s nails grow faster than women’s. However, there might be an exception during pregnancy.

5. Nails are Gift for Human Beings

Fingernails are something that actually distinguishe primates including humans from the rest of the group.

6. Nail Biting is Medically Termed as “Onychophagia”

To many of us, nail biting just seems a common nervous habit just like hair twisting or tooth grinding. It is mostly common in roughly 30% of children.

Nail Biting

Though, it seems harmless, but it can possibly lead to many health risks including skin infections.

7. Don’t Hurt Your Nails

Let your nails breathe during manicures. Too much painting with nail polish and removing the nail pain will dry out your nails and will make them weak.

8. Nails can Tell about Your Health

The color of your nails reflects your body and health situation. Blue nails means lung disease while yellowish patches mean autoimmune diseases.

9. Growth of Nails Differ with Season

Nail Problem

Age, genes, weather and season, all have different effects on the speed of nail growth.

10. Take Care of Nail Problems

You should keep an eye on wellness of your nails. Fungal infections, white spots, vertical lines, bacterial infection and ingrown toe nails are most common issues.

11. Stress can Affect Your Nails

Chronic stress can inhibit the growth of your nails and can take a toll over them. For optimal health and healthy nails, it is important to take proper sleep and manage your stress levels.


12. Use of Chalk can Hurt Your Nails

Writing on board with chalks makes us cringe and is really hurtful for nails. This practice can cause chipping of nails that can be problematic and painful for you.

13. Take Care of Your Cuticles

Cuticle is for special purpose with your nail to seal the moisture and keeping the environmental germs out of the body. It is therefore recommended not to pick at the cuticle or let your manicurists cut it off. It should be treated gently and should not be removed.

14. Genes Matters

The hardness and strength of your nails is mostly genetic. Protect your nails by using hand cream and keep your cuticles smooth.


15. Nails need Blood

Your nails need blood flow to survive  and requires oxygenation and nutrients for normal growth.


Don’t ignore your nails, as they are very important part of your body. Make your nails feel pampered by eating proper balanced diet and avoiding removal of cuticles.

Nails are a mirror for your overall body health and fitness. Your weak and chipped nails are a sign of your improper health and lack of nutrition.

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