12 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Summer Make Over

The warmer months of summer are a great time to experiment fun looks with creative ideas. Make this summer a perfect season for you by carrying diverse range of summer makeovers. Pick up the styles that make you stand out from the crowd. Make your own style statement and make your summer makeovers interesting.

Though, experimentation is good with new looks, but you should be careful about picking up the styles. While you are all set to pick hot and new styles this season, be careful about these 12 things you don’t want to hear about summer makeover.

1. It’s an Over Do

Summer is the time for pulling up simple yet attractive makeover. Don’t make your look over-do with just anything.

Transform your makeover with smart and casual things that you can easily carry without putting yourself in trouble. In summer, under-do sometimes looks better than to go on the other way.

2. Too Bold

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Though, there are too many summer styles and looks in the trend, but carrying them well is a real tricky business. Your makeover should be stylish in the balance of sophistication. Avoid making your summer look too bold or sharp, as it doesn’t go well with the season.

3. Color Card Look

Playing with colors is the essence of spring and summer fashion trends. But, too many colors in one outfit will make you look like a color card. Stop following the crowd and make your own efforts to pick nice colors consciously. Remember, that you are not a color-pop sign and you have to carry a makeover that looks elegant yet stylish.

4. Over Burden Look

Summer is the time to lighten up things and is considered as the best season to lose weight. From your body to your outfit fabric, all light things look good in summer. Ditch your over-burdened look and pick out the fabric with light color schemes.

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5. Style Killer

You don’t want to be named as a style killer for sure. Become stylish with the coolest trend that you can carry well. Pick up summer shoes intelligently that goes well with your outfit and occasion. Avoid stilettos or high heels with a casual look.

6. Heavy Appearance

Heavy makeovers sound really unsuitable for summer season. Avoid too much drapery clothing and heavily embroidered shirts, especially if your physique is bit weighty. Select clothes according to your body shape and height. Wrong selection of clothing will make you look short and heavy.

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7. Wrong Contrasts

Summer is all about picking up right and appropriate contrasts. Playing wrong with contrasts can ruin your summer makeover. Pair up your solid color tops with either blue jeans or white trousers. Instead of making your look gaudy with all bright, try to include pastel at one end.

8. Incorrect Combos

Experimenting wrong combos will give you a weird appearance. Pick out correct combo of handbags with your outfit to complete your look.

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Big handbags look good with casual hangout looks, while tote bags are good for office look. On the other hand, evening get-togethers and night-out look will go best with clutches.

9. Miss Heavy Pants

Carrying jeans would not look with every summer kurti. Instead of acting like miss heavy pants, try to carry beige and white colored pants in summer to give a sleek and cool appearance to your summer makeover.

10. Accessories House

fashion accessories

Don’t overload yourself with too much accessories, especially with summer casual looks. Try to compliment your summer makeover with as minimum accessories as you can. The simpler you pull, the cooler you will look. Ditch glittery charms and adorn your look with simple studs or a cool chain bracelet.

11. Skimpy Lady

The lighter shades of summer clothes can show your body, especially in the sunlight. Avoid sheer clothing in summers or try to wear camisoles inside. Look graceful and stylish, but don’t show your skin to the world.

12. Cakey Look

cakey look

While summer outfits are important, summer makeup is equally significant for your summer makeover. Avoid making up a cakey look on your face by putting up heavy foundations and creams. Instead, freshen up your face with a sheer loose powder or a press powder for a matte look.


Make your summer makeover a stylish impression of your overall persona by selecting right styles. Softer you play with colors, smarter you look in summers.

Make your own style statement this summer by carrying amazing summer makeovers in smart way. Prefer simpler, elegant and stylish looks for the best summer looks.

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