12 Best Eye Primers for you to Try

When it comes to makeup you thoroughly layer on eye shadows, liners and mascara before priming your eye lids. And the next thing you know, you make up has smudged off your face. According to the makeup experts, if you don’t prime before applying eye makeup, it is a serious makeup crime. Experts say that the No. 1 way to prevent makeup from melting and smudging is to use a primer. Keeps your eye makeup looking as fresh as it did the moment you applied it all day with these amazing products.

NYX Cosmetics HD Eye Shadow Base

This reliable primer is amongst the favorites." This primer is perfect for smoothing out lines and securing your eye shadow all day long. "I will never buy an expensive eye shadow primer again. I will keep repurchasing this because it does exactly what it’s supposed to and it is at a great price," adds reviewer.


ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

this super affordable primer is the best one ever used. You only need a "small amount and voila… your eye shadow stays on all day." Reviewers agree and say that it "leaves eyelids dry, and makeup does not slide off." And not only does it give shadows excellent staying power, it also "makes the colors more vibrant."

BareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer

If your shadow ends up smudged all over your face by the end of the day, "just try this primer once and you won’t be without it." The product is "light" and "weightless" when you put it on, and it keeps your shadow on all day without creasing.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Readers say this primer "adds a subtle sheen and color for a nice glow." It is "my absolute go-to holy grail of eye shadow primers," swears one. It is also an "absolute must-have if you use any sort of mineral eye shadow, because shadows stick to my eyelids like metal to a magnet

Mary Kay Eye Primer

This primer is "quick drying, not messy, not greasy, and there’s no residue, peeling or creasing. It’s also "great for aging skin since it gives you a nice even canvas to apply eye shadow."

MAC Prep + Prime Lash

It "creates a dramatic effect" and "every time you use it it adds so much length," says another reader. It even gives "thin Asian lashes an amazing boost” it helps protect lashes to "keep them nice and healthy." Devotees promise "it’ll give your favorite mascara new life, and your lashes will look amazing!"


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

This primer "stays on even when I rub my eyes by mistake (I wear contacts)." Readers also like that it "works great on my lower lids to keep my eyeliner in place." And, it "leaves a tiny amount of shimmer, which is flattering and brightening to the eye area without looking like a disco ball."

Lancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

All mascara can pull on lashes, causing them to become brittle and fall out, "but this protects and conditions your lashes," With continued use, your lashes are in much better condition and less prone to breakage. Reader says, "This is one product that I panic if I run out of, " and "the best thing about this base is that it turns even the cheapest mascara into something that looks like a luxury purchase."

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lid Lines

This product works great for old aged over-50 eyelids. It really smoothes out the lines and discoloration and keeps the eye shadow looking perfect all day. Women who’ve tried them all say, "While the other [primers] do help shadow stay crease-proof, this REALLY makes it look great and is good for your skin, too, because it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and green tea extract."

Get the best eye shade color by using some of the best eye primers in the market. Here are our favorite picks

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