10 Beauty Treatments You Can Do Yourself At Home

The hottest agenda in a woman’s mind is her love to look beautiful. As a result all the women get caught on getting themselves products. Some with very fake catch. Expensive beauty creams, day creams, night creams, facial and cleansers, fairness enhancing creams and what not.

The list goes on and on and might never end. Women are not only fascinated by the products but also their sub categories. To each beauty item you may find a wide range of variety that might confuse you and put your brain process into dilemma. The question becomes’ What to buy, what not to buy?’

Not only chemical oriented products but organic / naturally made beauty products are also common in women. The organic category goes on with its herbal masks, organic cleansers, exfoliators and what not. The game for categories and sub categories gets started with this all so natural range. And result? Well, dilemma my dear!

Why get into so much trouble when the easiest solution is at hand. I, today, will provide a list of beauty treatments that are performed at home.

Here are the 10 beauty treatments that one can do at home:

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1. Highly recommended for all. Take mild warm water mix it with honey and drink this mixture empty stomach. This little trick is magic and wonders. It brightens your skin brings in the natural glow. It is also very effective for your digestive system. Those who take this mixture everyday are likely not cross digestion/stomach /abdomen related issues ever. This is one of the 10 beauty secrets that can be done at home.

2. After the honey and water mixture. Take another cup/glass of mild warm water and squeeze in a lemon. Drink this. This also is an amazing drink. It is detox in actual. It naturally cleanses your body. Bringing that glow inside out. Not only that it stops skin’s degeneration and fights against radicals. It also flushes out the toxins in your body. So, it is one the most important of the 10 beauty treatments that one can do at home.

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3. Having problems with your hair? Is it too dry? Is it too fizzy? Does it feel damaged? Well, here’s the solution. Apply mayonnaise on your hair as a mask and let it remain for half an hour. And well experience the natural softens. Mayonnaise acts as a conditioner. The egg and oils in mayonnaise helps against the damage caused by the all. So, number 3 of the 10 beauty treatments at home proves in favor for your hair.

4. Do you have problems with darker skin in your friction zones? Well. Here’s the catch. Take coconut oil, sugar and lemon in adequate quantities. Apply that on the affected areas and exfoliate. Keep doing that on regular basis. Your troubles with darker elbows, knees and toes will start vanishing. This is a happy treat from the 10 beauty treatments at home.

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5. Mix olive oil and sea salt oil in a 2 to 1 ratio and scrub your body with this mixture. This mixtures exfoliates the skin, removes the dead skin cells and results into a more glowing skin. Ladies it might also help you get on, well, umm, a bikini body. Yes it does help. A very effective secret from the 10 beauty treatments at home.

6. Use coconut oil on legs. Apply it and shave that excess hair. Well it acts as a natural shaving cream. There you go women, problem solved!

7. Troubled with those black heads? Well, now you shouldn’t be. Dab a small amount of honey on lemon and rub it on the blackhead are. And the task dear ladies are done that’s how you rule the blackheads. Avoid lemon during day times though, owing to its photosensitive properties.

8. For your hand and feet’s exfoliation. Use coffee ground beans. Make a paste of it and apply. There you go an amazing exfoliator from the 10 beauty treatments at home,

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9. Want to cleanse your face or want a natural face wash that actually works? Well, here’s your catch. Mix Gram flour in milk/water squeezes a lemon. Apply it on your face. Let it remain for 15 minutes and there you go with the deep clean skin. This is an amazing treatment from the 10 beauty treatments at home.

10. You want to get rid of that cellulite? Okay, mix 2 tablespoons of used coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Now with this exfoliate your skin and feel the difference with this awesome trick from the ten beauty treatments at home.

So, ladies there you go. You have the treasure in hands. What else do you want? Conquer your happiness and confidence from the blissful usage. Happy beautifying!

There are 10 beauty treatments mentioned that are easy yet very effective in terms of application.

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